The Lamia Artisan Workshops

This web site as it looks now began life back on February 15, 2007 and has being rebuilt and updated a number of times thanks to supporters. However as i'm now recently retired, closed my business, therefore handing in my A.B.N., therefore, apparently I am no longer allowed to have a website under the or domains. I have therefore closed this one down. I will reappear in some format under my own webname in the near future, so the Leadlight and Linux data archived and stored here will still be available.

Please note that I have the lamiaworks name in the .au domain still covered by various Copyright, Copyleft, and various Patents so it's not available for others to use, sorry. The Goverment Registration Offices, as well as the appropriate Ombudsman Offices have been informed of the changes and it's in their databases and 'watch systems', so infractions will be automatically dealt with by them not me.